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MW Interim Finance today announces the launch of its new website

MW Interim Finance today announces the launch of its new website;-

MW Interim Finance continues to deliver an independent interim finance director/CFO level resource supporting companies undertaking strategic, operational or project based change activities. Focusing on interaction with main Board directors, business owners and leadership teams we provide objective and focused support in:-

“Managing Change Effectively”                    


Business objectives change over time and MW Interim Finance is able to support business change in a number ways to both SME and larger corporate organisations;-

Forensic operational review, forecasting and profit improvement

  • Working capital and cash flow optimisation
  • Project appraisal, analysis and business modelling
  • Financial control of UK and overseas multi-site operations
  • Strategic business planning and development
  • Restructuring and business turnarounds
  • Merger, acquisition and divestment due diligence and completion activity
  • Business and systems integrations
  • Evaluating risk and enhancing controls, process and systems

For further information or a confidential discussion about your specific business requirements, please contact Martin Walby FCMA CGMA on + 44 (0) 7876 566875 or email



The Party season is over………

The last few weeks have seen each of the main political parties hold their annual conferences across the UK with, it appears, the small advantage in the YouGov poll changing from a Conservative lead at the start to Labour by the end. Apart from the odd poor comments and badly delivered jokes by various of the speakers, there were no stunning outputs of note.

Meanwhile, back in the real world of business, the signs are that the UK economy may be picking up in some areas and that businesses that have made the painful adjustments to surviving in adverse times may start to reap benefits as growth and demand improves. There are however the same problems cited by small businesses in the difficulty to obtain funding, even though the “funding for lending scheme” has provided some respite, with many finding the lenders change the approval criteria periodically and the “credit teams” within their organisations appearing to be the arbiters of signing off on lending. It is also clear that the arm’s length approach, where the decision makers not having any “client relationship” fundamentally do not understand the businesses requesting support.

The appetite to start new businesses and grow them is there but there must be more positive support from those that control the supply of funds.