Starting a business


Starting a business, the key foundation stones

There are three initial elements;-

Skills + Partners + People=> SUCCESS

The above have to be used interdependently and in conjunction with;-

  • A great business idea – USP (unique selling point) and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis
  • Business Plan – comprehensive and effective
  • Sales – markets, segment, niche, pricing
  • Purchases – set-up cost, direct, indirect, overhead and flexibility of costs
  • Funding – internal / external

Beware – not all businesses succeed for a number of reasons, some controllable / others not, however the following truism must be taken on board;-

Fail to prepare => Prepare to fail

The above is only a high level snapshot and for a more detailed analysis Contact MW Interim Finance for more information and assistance in starting and building your business.