What is interim finance, (sometimes known as contract finance)


What is interim finance, (sometimes known as contract finance)

A professional interim fulfils a short to medium term business requirement, within a set of deliverables, agreed with the client company, and can support a business in a number of ways, for example;-

  • Resolving a specific business issue or as part of an overall review of sales, costs, working capital and cash flow.
  • Operational review and analysis and benchmarking of performance.
  • Financial resource as part of a business turnaround.
  • Strategic and operational planning, forecasting or financial analysis.
  • Review of business risks, controls, processes, systems or reporting to enhance business decision making.
  • Act in an emergency holding position during a restructuring, business change or other reason.

An independent interim delivers improvements and benefits whilst the rest of the business focuses on its day to day operations.

Summary of key attributes and skills of an interim;-
  • Independent
  • Objective
  • Results focused
  • Immediately productive
  • Efficient
  • Accountable
  • A business partner
  • Flexible on location

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