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You can only be history making if you make history happen !

Many of the world’s most successful global companies and brands are spawned from a recession. These companies started to make history within a short time from commencing operations, penetrating markets with unique ideas or leveraging technology. There are many companies that have started in the last year, and a number of established large and medium sized companies with cash reserves, who could jump start the UK economy given incentives and having confidence about the future. The Chancellors Autumn statement, plus the willingness of lenders and venture capitalists to invest in business should be the catalyst for growing businesses in 2013.

In terms of senior financial management resource, companies may not have reviewed their requirements to make step changes in growth. An independent interim contract finance professional is one way of utilising a short-term focused resource at Board or senior management level to deliver changes or improvements in business systems and commercial operations.

MW Interim Finance is able to provide interim contract finance support at Finance Director level for short-term full time projects or on going part time resource to companies wanting to leverage opportunities in the coming year and beyond. For more details visit www.mwinterimfinance.co.uk and make history in 2013.