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UK Summer Budget 2015 et al – as many questions as answers for business

Following the budget last week there is good and bad news for companies, with SME owners and shareholders given mixed messages for their future growth strategies.

For example; the reduction in corporation tax is a boost, as is the permanent annual investment allowance of £200k and the increase in the national insurance employment allowance, however this is set against increases in the national living wage and a fundamental change in the way dividends are taxed, even with a new £5k dividend allowance. Payment of corporation tax for larger companies is being brought forward and insurance premium tax increases also impact operational business costs.

The staging dates for the auto-enrolment of all businesses have been issued by the Pensions Regulator and for many SMEs this is now becoming a critical planning activity, with the associated costs of employer contributions. Allied to this is the pension freedoms for those over 55, how this may impact the plans of those working in companies and the potential skill shortages once they retire. In addition, some SME owners may want to re-assess their pension contributions, especially where tax allowances may restrict contributions, and exit strategies as part of their business planning activities.

The budget has provided a myriad of changes for the coming years and even more complexity for businesses, especially SMEs, and using an interim business partner to review your company’s business plans and potential scenarios for the future from an objective viewpoint is beneficial.

MW Interim Finance delivers independent interim financial and business partnering support to SMEs and larger corporates, either on a full-time project or part-time basis, working with directors and owners to deliver operational and strategic objectives.

For further information or a confidential discussion about your specific requirements, please contact Martin Walby FCMA CGMA on + 44 (0) 7876 566875 or email martin.walby@mwinterimfinance.co.uk

UK business landscape – another five year plan

Following the result of the UK election, with the Conservatives surprisingly gaining an overall majority, the continuing austerity driven economic recovery should be possible. However should the excessive debt and borrowing figures not be eliminated, a failure from the Government’s first term in office, then the voters in 2020 will react accordingly. Other factors surrounding welfare spending, housing and net immigration will also be measured by the electorate.

Businesses have been wavering over the first few months of 2015, with the uncertainties of the election outcome, in putting into place their strategies and implementation activities. Now there is a clear result, and assuming the March budget announcements are implemented, there are significant opportunities for companies to consolidate their recovery and grow their businesses both organically and by acquisition. Outstanding matters on business rate reviews, borrowing and the impact of a potential vote on Europe will provide food for thought over the near to mid-term, but leveraging the strength and potential of SME’s is essential in the improvement of the economy.

Immediate senior management resource issues could play a part in SME’s not being to exploit their growth strategies and a solution is the use of a commercially focused independent executive on an interim basis.

MW Interim Finance can assist you in compiling or reviewing your business / risk plan in key commercial areas of your business, in addition to providing an independent CFO/FD resource on an interim basis. For further information or a confidential discussion about your specific requirements, please contact Martin Walby FCMA CGMA on + 44 (0) 7876 566875 or email martin.walby@mwinterimfinance.co.uk

What a start to 2015………

The Tesco fiasco continues with Morrison’s also making changes at the top. Stock market jitters driven by low priced oil, a possible Greek Eurozone tragedy and unfortunate extremist activity across the world. The UK has at least benefitted in the last few months with lower inflation, cheaper fuel and supermarkets dropping prices, (after a period of overpricing to increase margins). The latest news on growth for the next two years is promising and the Bank of England base interest rate may not be raised until early 2016, bad news for savers and house prices but good news for mortgages.

Election fever again will take over the first half of the year with possibly four or maybe five parties in the running for a coalition, and the uncertainty on who will be governing the UK politically will no doubt be cited as a reason for business to “hold station” on implementation of change. Opportunities may however be lost by procrastination.

Businesses, SME’s and larger corporates should periodically review their business plan models and update annual budgets as there are opportunities to re-assess their competitive position. Reviewing strategy and operational effectiveness, and enabling changes internally and through investment, can provide step changes in growth. Inaction or not adapting to competition in a timely manner could reverse a growth trend.

If there are internal resource constraints for strategic or operational review and senior management are focused on the “day to day”, there is an opportunity for utilizing an independent financial resource on an interim basis to assist in review and implement changes to positively transform your business.

For further information or a confidential discussion about your specific requirements, please contact Martin Walby FCMA CGMA on + 44 (0) 7876 566875 or email martin.walby@mwinterimfinance.co.uk

MW Interim Finance features in Business Works and the 2010/11 Surrey Chamber of Commerce directory.

Martin Walby, managing director, commented, “the rebranding and launch of MW Interim Finance in the Spring of 2010 has been enhanced by targeted advertising for the SME sector, who have suffered most from the economic downturn and pressures from lenders.

MW Interim Finance is well placed to provide interim financial and business partnering support to businesses, either on a project or on going part-time basis working with directors and owners to achieve their operational and strategic objectives”.