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They have been weighed, measured and found wanting…….decision day tomorrow

The final canvassing surrounding the UK election takes place today; after three television debates, the unfortunate comments by Gordon Brown and the tactical voting issue, the main political parties realise that a “hung parliament” could be the outcome on Friday morning. The electorate knows that the UK is in financial trouble and that no matter who they vote for there will be public spending cuts, tax increases and possibly benefit reductions. Although some voters have a lifelong allegiance with one party this time around there is no guarantee, but many voters look at the headline policies and think “how will they impact me” and not “what is best for the country”. It is hoped that the turnout will be higher this time with an increase in younger voters but whatever the outcome, there is a long hard climb back for the UK to get out of the national debt hole. Is there an 0800 number we can call?

Let’s be “frank” with the voters and Gordon’s gaff !!

Voters are being kept in the dark by all three main political parties in failing to disclose the scale of tax rises and public sector cuts required to tackle the financial crisis, says the Institute for Fiscal Studies.  They claim that the parties have black holes of up to £52 billion in the economic plans they have published as part of the election campaign, and need to be frank with voters. Not having enough information to make an informed decision based on non-transparent party policies will not engender trust, something members of parliament lost with the expenses scandal. Votes may be cast without thought of the consequences or there may be a “why bother” attitude, dissuading people from voting altogether.

As for being caught saying things behind apparent “closed car doors”, Gordon Brown seriously damaged his election campaign by describing a staunch Labour supporter he met in Rochdale whilst out canvassing as a “bigoted woman”. The comment, made in his car after a meeting where he publicly praised her, has been broadcast across the nation and subsequently he has had to call and visit the woman in question to eat humble pie. He may convince her or maybe not but whatever the outcome of her vote next week, millions of others may have changed their allegiance today. If Cameron or Clegg had done this the outcome would probably be the same……..but a salient lesson in how to “damage the brand” instead of “managing the brand”.